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March 8, 2016

When It’s Your Turn

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1464I know I’m not alone in caring for an aging parent, in my case my almost 82-year-old Dad, a former engineer who was married 54 years to my mother and only now lives on his own.

Turns out, increasing numbers of us are finding ourselves in the role of parent to our own parents. Some of use have nearly raised our own children, while others have never had them but find themselves caring for an aging parent, family member or friend. Surveys put the number at 70% of working adults who are caring for one, or more, aging family member.

Like all of them, I never in a million years thought this was how it would be. My parents were strong and capable people, vibrantly alive and engaged in adding something to this world. My whole life they have been a source of support and (at times unwanted) advice. When sickness came they were able to fight it off with gusto for years before disease got firm hold.



November 8, 2013

On Becoming A Parent To Your Own

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Nothing prepares you for this, parenting your own parents. Your mother and father have always been the strong ones, the older generation, dependably there (if you’re lucky) for you all your life. Then comes the time when they need you as their bodies and minds (sometimes both) fail them.

Old age as Bette Davis once said, is not for sissies. Neither is watching it happen to one you love or having to care for a once strong, thriving parent as they fade away.


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