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September 16, 2013

Parenting Teens: So Hard, So Thankless, So Important

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Who ever knew how tough a job parenting would be? Especially now that those loveable, chubby cheeked babies have morphed into self obsessed, freedom craving teens. It seems just when I get one child’s problem sorted out, another comes to take its place. There is no peace, no rest, no chance to catch your breath.

It’s no wonder comedians do routines about this seemingly endless time of perpetual conflict and need to let kids this age try their fledgling wings. The grunts and questionable fashion choices… the abominable noise that passes for music and the utter disregard for anything an older person (parent or not) has to say are pretty hard to take sometimes. Parenting children at this age is by far the toughest thing I’ve ever done, probably will ever do.



March 26, 2013

Prospective Parents Better Be Tough

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If I’d only known in the early 1990s what I know today… I’d have been a good deal more hesitant, had a few more sleepless nights, worried that my husband and I weren’t up to the task… that our different approaches to parenting would tear us apart. Now there’s no time for that — we’re in this, 3 kids deep, for better or worse.

64a92bb56709e48340e83b190cc8d35fIn truth, most of it has been really wonderful… the best use of my energies that I can imagine. I wouldn’t trade a moment of this experience for a childless, orderly existence.

It’s just that no one tells prospective parents that beyond the softer skills  — love and patience and humor, raising a child will call for innards of hard, unyielding steel. That’s right, steel.


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