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January 28, 2017

You Did NOT Represent Me Women’s Marchers

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Those women marching last week did not represent me – or any woman I know – though I applaud their enthusiasm and do support their right to express themselves. My objections are around the lack of one cohesive message, the pink hats, Madonna (a woman who made acareer out of using her sexuality) and the fact that the march did nothing more than make the news for a day. Everyone went home feeling “empowered” but I don’t see why – you accomplished nothing.

Let’s start with the most obvious symbol of the Women’s March – hot pink beanies. I realize it was supposed to be a mockery of President Trump’s comments about a woman – recorded without his knowledge in a locker room (we might not like it girls, but reality is that’s how men talk in those all-male spaces). If you are against the objectifying of women WHY would you use a hat in that shape as a symbol??? Wear pink, carry signs, but don’t sabotage your message by wearing (on your head no less) a symbol of just what you don’t like. I tell you girls, men everywhere are laughing at you and not taking you seriously. You looked like a bunch of over emotional, reactionary women – fulfilling the EXACT stereotype you are fighting to remove.
You took all women all back a step.

If women want to send a message that gets heard, there needs to be a single message, delivered over and over. The Women’s March was full of many messages. There was the vocal anti-Trump contingent and pro choice supporters (who were truly awful to any pro life supporter they saw), support for equality of marriage and immigrants. So many related concerns but not one cohesive message under which they all could reside.

How about a single, simple sign – Woman = Man? Or maybe Different but Still Equal? 

Add to the lack of a single message the celebrities selected to perform. Naturally organizers felt they needed some big names to help spread the word – regular women, even thousands of them massing in cities across the world can’t protest effectively without star power, right? Too bad event organizers found the worst possible choices. Madonna. a very talented female performer who flaunted her own sexuality at every turn while she was making her way to the top. She does NOT represent me or any woman I know. Ashley Judd, also talented but so foul mouthed in her support she reinforced the impression of harpy, bitchy women we are trying so hard to dispel. Thanks for that.

Was there no one else? Why did it have to be a woman? Could we not have found entertainers with less baggage and more credibility?

And while the turnout was impressive, the day after the march there was trash cleanup and the news moved on. The Women’s March accomplished nothing. Not one thing is different for me, or any American woman I know, than it was a week ago. My rights are unchanged. I still get paid less than a man for the same work. My contributions still take second place to his.

One day of marching and media coverage is not enough! This issue is solidly entrenched in the public consciousness and is not going to give ground easily. The effort must be sustained and targeted to make the most impact. How about a month of public display along with things real women can do to show their value to society?

For instance:

Refuse to cook, clean or pander to men in our lives. No sex either.

The arguement is simply this. If you love and value us you will treat us equally – all of us – in all ways and all the time – and not expect us to give our bodies, minds and talents to one who does not act on those beliefs.

Meet with bosses about unequal pay – shine a harsh light on companies that refuse and boycott them until things change. Social media is a great tool for this – use a single hashtag – #woman=man, #equalityforall, #nomore

Get women in political office or in positions of power to speak out. Be very careful about who speaks – they must be respected by other women and have gotten where they are by their wits and work.

Find a simple, respectful symbol that any woman can wear to show her support for the idea of equality.

To win this fight we can’t just march and carry signs for a day. We need a sustained, coordinated effort, a lot of courage and the support of ALL women.

Fnally, to those who marched, I applaud your intentions and personal efforts. I support your rights, but I want us to address this issue in a way that lasts. We need action and community, and your efforts did show that we have that. 
Now lets get to work.


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