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February 13, 2016

Got The Gossip Urge? Bite Your Tongue… Hard.

Filed under: Daily Life,General Stuff,Musings — Susan Morgan @ 11:30 am

Admit to it or not, we all do it. Gossip that is.

gossipMaybe it’s to distract ourselves from our own troubles. Maybe it’s to remind ourselves that we are not alone in facing the travails of life. Maybe the fact that gossip is frowned upon makes it that much more alluring — who doesn’t like to be privy to special knowledge about other people?

Just think about how Hollywood thrives on gossip. Science, as you might expect, is studying gossip — using it as a way to understand what’s normal for a particular culture, to encourage cooperation and build bonds (unless you’re the subject of the gossip, of course). They suggest gossip as a way of learning — which comes into play when you’re new on the job and need to learn the lay of the land. Fast.

Recently Pope Francis made another comment about gossip and it’s one I mostly agree with. Bite your tongue when you feel the urge. Don’t let the words out and you won’t be adding fuel to a foolish fire. Stirring things up for no good reason. Enjoying that fleeting sense of power knowing you have the inside scoop.

It may not be akin to terrorists throwing a bomb, as the Pope said, but gossip is destructive and ruinous just the same.


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