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February 3, 2016

What To Know About The Quiet Ones

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I’ve written before about how  I truly think the meek deserve to inherit the Earth, as they put up with all the self centered foolishness of the rest of us. Quietly, without complaInt. Today I’m focusing on the quiet souls of this Earth who go about their business without a sound.

Quiet-people-have-the-loudest-minds.I am one of these quiet souls, have been my whole life. As a chold my mother (bold and brash and beautiful) chided me for being so shy, having nothing to say. I never could make the change she wanted, I was not wired that way. It’s not that I don’t have opinions, or that I think they are not valid — it’s just I have no urge to blure them out.

Ask and I’ll glady share, don’t and you’ll never know.

When you’re quiet, people make assumptions. They decide you’re snobby. Or creepy. Or bored. Or they think you’re dumb and dismiss you. They assume you have nothing to say, no opinions, experience or feelings. You fade into the background of their world. Unworthy of attention.

That’s a mistake.

What the world misses by dismissing the quiet ones is that we are the observers. We know a whole lot more about you and what’s going on than you realize.

You see all that time you spend talking we are silent, listening. We watch attentively, without distraction, we take note of things time and time again. We see patterns. We are always learning. The awareness and level of understanding the quiet ones reach is not easily achieved. It is knowing for knowings sake.

In those rare moments when quiet ones speak up, people (even those closest to them) realize the depth of observation and learning they have. Some recognize the value untapped, more often the observation is overlooked or dismissed. We learn not to bother, but we never stop learning, watching, listening.

On those rare instances when two quite souls are together, there is conversation although you’d think not. We share honest suggestions, observations supported by long experience, easy companionship and the understanding of how very rare, and misunderstood people like us are.

Some might even say valuable. Sought after.


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