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December 18, 2015

It’s Up To You

Filed under: Daily Life,Life,Musings — Susan Morgan @ 11:00 am

you-decide0011Like many people, I spend more time than I should feeling downright sorry for myself. My burden is too heavy, I think, though in truth it is no worse (and a whole lot easier) than the troubles faced by others. These days I’m often uncertain, stressed and in demand, worrying about things that have not, may never, happen. Of course, as you do, I realize that no one person has any more “life stress” than anybody else.

Through it all, I long for a the time where all is well and I am free. Anybody else?

Like you, I can control very little of what comes my way in this life. I can make my choices and my plans, but Life has a way of disrupting those. Like it or not, everything unfolds in its own time and place. Setbacks arrive that can be eased but not prevented. Disappointments cut deep. Order is thrown into chaos. I cannot change whatever plan is in place, only pray that there is one. My choices are few — accept, deny or fight. Except denial keeps you stuck in the same awful place; and I’ve come to the age where I realize some of life’s battles cannot be won. Now I save my resources for the ones that can.

Like you, I make a choice each morning. About how I will face that day and deal with what life is handing out today. This really and truly is the only thing you can do, the only bit of control you have. So you can be miserable, angry and wallow in self-pity (been there, done that, nothing changed), or you can try accept (mind you I did not say agree to or approve of) what’s come you way and be happy anyway. Find those little joys in life.

A favorite song. Time in fresh air. A good laugh. A heart-to-heart with a friend, or a dog (or cat). Hope for the best, believe the best is possible and aim higher, not lower. Just for today.

Let tomorrow take care of itself.


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