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November 16, 2015

Three Things The Terrorists Forget

Filed under: Life,Politics,Writing — Susan Morgan @ 1:00 pm

1084978_1280x720There are many places (Kenya, Lebanon) on this earth where terrorists are acting out. Paris is just the latest addition to a sad, shameful list. A strike by fanatics in an effort to spread the most profound of fears — fear for your very life. In a city tourists love, a place known for its culture on a Friday evening the vermin struck in ordinary places where people were enjoying themselves. Defenseless. Unsuspecting.

The stories out of Paris are as horrific as the ones from all the other attacks, new wounds to add to a list that’s getting way too long.

What is it about religion that can take people so far off track? I wonder this about fundamentalists of all shapes and sizes, but most especially about the ones who participate in attacks like this. The ones who are won by hate and ignorance and certainty. The money for it all flows readily from growing and selling a terrible drug that feeds off the weakest among us. I can only imagine that those who do these things must be in a place where you see life in the bleakest of terms, so much so that a life after this one is worth any sacrifice, any action, any atrocity.

Lucky for the evolved and civilized world, fanatics don’t think long term, like the rest of us do. They strike out at easy targets and invariably one of them gets away, but they can only play these kind of sleazy tricks once. No plane will ever be used as a weapon again, We’ll make changes that will make hurting us harder for you. We’re watching for backpacks and strange behavior now. Unlike you, we value our lives.

  1. We’re going to fight for those lives. Hard.
  2. We’re not going to let you add any more of us to your list of victims.
  3. We have the ability to wipe you off this earth, don’t make us use it. We will.

As I write this, all but one of the Paris attackers are tasting that afterlife they were so intent on getting to. I hope it is utter misery, the worst kind of torture imaginable along with the realization that we will beat you in the end. That you did it all for nothing — we outsmarted you.

Squished you like the vermin you are and moved on.


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