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September 8, 2015

Three Reasons Hilary Can’t Hang On

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Not that long ago I put up a piece about what appeals to me (and possibly others too) about The Donald. Is he electable? I’m not sure, but I will say he’s a breath of fresh, straight talking air. Also of note, not all U.S. Presidents are politicians. At the risk of getting too political here, but in the interest of equal time (or rather my distorted sense of it), I’ll devote one post to Hilary Clinton.

quote-i-suppose-i-could-have-stayed-home-and-baked-cookies-and-had-teas-but-what-i-decided-hillary-clinton-53-72-73If politics isn’t your thing, skip this post. I won’t mind, and I promise to stop after this.

It seems like Hilary Clinton should be leading easily in the polls. She’s polished, she’s had a good deal of experience around the Presidency and the workings of government. The Democratic machine seemed to have anointed her, and yet she’s struggling to hold on to a lead.

Unfortunately for her, there are some things she just can’t escape. Here are my top three…

1. She’s an insider with wealth and privilege. While her mother might have come from humble beginnings, Hilary is now as far from that as you can get. In fact all three Clinton’s have reportedly cashed in on the speech making bonanza. When she talks about “reshuffling the deck” for the middle class, it coms off as more like a carefully acted line than a real feeling.

I wonder if she even knows what a tank of gas costs. Or a loaf of bread. When was the last time she saw the inside of a grocery store?

2. She turned me off with that long ago “at home baking cookies” comment. The insulting, poorly chosen words have bite all these years later because of how readily the put down was delivered. Like she was somehow better than that. She was trying to make a point, I’m sure, so here’s a question I’ve never heard a satisfactory answer to.

Explain to wives “at home baking cookies and having tea” how staying with a flagrantly unfaithful husband is any better than not having a career?

Are we really so backward in 2015 that a divorced U.S. President is beyond consideration? Honestly I’d have a lot more respect for her if she’d dumped his cheating butt and made her way alone. But that’s just me, and I’m in the minority on this one. Most women applauded her for standing by him.

3. She may be honorable and trustworthy, but she consistently does things that make her look anything but. Whitewater. State Department emails. Vince Foster. It’s true there are lots of eyes looking at everything she does, plenty of hair-trigger reactions; but there is also a longstanding pattern of questionable behavior. It’s hard not to think where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

The bottom line is that regular people (especially women) can sense this about her. Insincerity is hard to hide, even when your try hard. People who are interested, and who care will see through the coordinated clothing and smoothly styled hair. We can listen to someone parrot the right words, cry crocodile tears and hear the practice in their voices.

My mom always used to say that “actions speak louder than words,” and in this case Hilary’s (past) actions are speaking volumes.


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