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September 4, 2015

Three Reasons Donald Trumps Them All

Filed under: Politics,Writing — Susan Morgan @ 10:00 am

051aa1a7156175806389a45cfff8db8f9aa740-wmLike many of you, I know the name Donald Trump and have for a while. His personal life documented in the tabloids. His TV show. Interviews I’ve heard. When the gazillionaire real estate developer announced he was running for President earlier this summer, I admit to rolling my eyes and making an unpleasant comment about out of control ego and advisers who were completely out of touch with ordinary people like me.

What a difference a few months makes.

As a 20 year resident of New Hampshire (proud owner of the first in the nation primary), I can spot a career politician a mile away. I’ve experienced enough media fueled campaigning frenzy to last me a lifetime. I’ve heard enough impassioned stump speeches and I know all the buzz words by heart. I’ve dodged the phone calls, ignored the sea of campaign signs and become expert at muting political ads on tv or radio. I’m accustomed to the insanity much like the people in Florida take the Disney theme parks in stride.

Much to my own astonishment, this season (so far) has been different. I’m paying more attention, enjoying the show and the reactions of coddled politicians to plain speaking.

Slowly but surely, The Donald is winning me over to his side. Here’s why:

  1. Donald is plain spoken, saying things that need to be said and uncaring for political correctness or tender feelings. American’s need that and w have for quite some time. It’s also entertaining to watch others react to what Donald says, tells you a lot more about them then it does about him..
  2. Donald is not a politician but he is a business man who has come back from the brink, more than once. That experience is what we need in this country. Deficits are ballooning. Jobs are being lost. As a nation we’re losing (have lost) our edge, he not only acknowledges this, but is passionate about wanting that edge back.
  3. Donald wants us to be great again. he has pride in America, and is not going to apologize to anyone about our laws, way of life or beliefs. He wants us to win.

It seems like I’m not alone. Multiple polls show him with a commanding lead though the main stream media and other candidates will try to downplay this.

No matter how things turn out going forward, Donald Trump has done us a favor by running for President. He’s made us talk about things, look at things nobody else wants to acknowledge. Like immigration and borders. Like our financial difficulties. Like our position in the world and what we think of ourselves.

All to the good.


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