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April 16, 2015

Nobody Needs To Be This Connected

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Much as I am a devoted (though now somewhat more cautious) fan of Apple products, I see that new watch as a ridiculous bit of tech. What those resources might have created if they hadn’t been aimed at profit! Pardon me if I chafe at the waste of that when there are so many more difficult (important) problems in this world than being even more up to date than we already are.

0910_apple-iwatch_2000x1125-1940x1091You don’t need a crystal ball to predict that the masses will enthusiastically gobble the latest bit of shiny, slim technology because it’s the new thing. For the purists there are even versions encased in 18 K (not lowly 14K mind you) yellow or rose gold. Nobody will stop to think if it makes sense as they stand in line waiting for stores to open.

No one will ask if this latest bit of shiny tech is worth spending good money to own. If they really, truly need it.

I ask you all — why do we need this?

Must our devices now be worn on our bodies? Is it no longer enough to have a cell phone ridiculously close at hand, dash mounted or in a specially designed case? Why on Earth do we need this kind of immediacy in our lives? Aren’t you connected enough already? Do you need more?

Don’t get me wrong, I see the applications of a wearable device in healthcare. I can imagine on the go professions that might benefit from this kind of accessibility. Now that we seem to be attaching cameras to police maybe this could become part of a uniform. As for the rest of us, that new Apple watch is an unnecessary (frivolous) bit of tech for people with too much money who’ve been convinced they MUST have the newest thing out there.

A shameful state of abundance compared to much of the world.

Sadly (for me) even a logical, non crowd following soul in my own household is smitten. He mentioned the new Apple watch, what it did and how handy it might be to own. His interest has held up over time. And he isn’t prone to hopping onto the Apple bandwagon.

This is a sure sign this watch will be a hit with the multitudes. And that I am an isolated and ignored bit of insight adrift in an online sea.


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