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March 16, 2015

Blinded By Science

Filed under: General Stuff,Musings — Susan Morgan @ 1:31 pm

6172547-dark-scienceIt’s hard not to be impressed with the things science can do, even if you aren’t always thrilled with the unthinking pace of it all.

We learn things about the past that were unknown at the time. Science has the capacity to solve mysteries and allow the masses to experience well known disasters and natural calamities from the safety of the present.

Slowly, surely and with methodical determination, science is working its way through the mysteries of the ages. Not that mankind will necessarily learn anything from this knowledge, but it is nice to have.

Especially if you’re the nosy (inquisitive) type like me. I mean, can you imagine what son-obsessed English monarch Henry VIII’s reaction was when he learned that men (not women) determine the sex of a child? The expression on his face must have been priceless, one I would have given a good deal to see.

And while it might have been luck that uncovered another English monarch’s (Richard III) resting place under that parking garage, it’s been hard, cold  science that’s given us all the confirming details. And provided fodder for some interesting historical debate about the goings on in the bedrooms back then. Juicy stuff… enough to have you wondering what the individuals involved must be thinking.

Thanks to science we can know what people of the past ate, how they lived and other key circumstances of everyday life. We understand climate and topography changes in a way that was not possible in the past. We see the big picture, know things the key figures of the age could not possibly have known. We can explore where they could not; x-ray artifacts to uncover and authenticate, use technology to validate.

All impossible just 50 years ago. The span of a lifetime. Things my generation of school kids were taught as “fact” have since been disproven by science. The Vikings found the New World before Christopher Columbus ever set out on his famous voyage. Europe was not the only example of advanced civilization and culture. The Black Death was not a curse or the fault of any minority population, but a fact of life based on the standard of living of the times.

Now science has made another remarkable discovery sure to change what kids are taught in school. A fossil has been found that puts a date to man’s arrival on Earth that’s 400,000 years earlier than we all thought. That’s impressive history changing news that with today’s technology should make its way it science curriculums fairly quickly.

The light of knowledge shines brigtly these days. Blindingly bright.



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