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January 13, 2015

I Think The Mice Are On A Break

Filed under: Daily Life,Humor — Susan Morgan @ 9:59 am

Treadmill MouseSometimes when I’m having computer problems, I find myself wondering if the geeks of the world have misled us — computers are not driven by zeros and ones, but rather teeny, tiny mice like creatures working their little hearts out so we can have technology. They would have to be microscopic little critters of course, living and working to make the clicks and whirs as they pass the zillions of bits of data needed to run the world from hand to little mouse hand.

They could have a whole world in there.

Right now, the mice around here are on a break… sipping steaming mugs of coffee, reclined with legs crossed while I sit listening for the slightest sound out of the computer I”m trying to make play nicely with a website it knows and trusts. I’ve tried all the usual things… updating software, checking FAQ’s, restarting the web browser… nothing works. It’s making my crazy. I know this process works… I’ve done it many times without a problem. Just not this time.

Why can’t technology be reliable?

For some reason the website and my computer refuse to acknowledge each other. Why? They always played so nicely together before, but not any more. They’re not cooperating, and show no signs of doing so anytime soon. I’m stumped, annoyed and out of options. I still need the calendar but for all my time and effort, not one photo has moved from my computer to the website where they have a chance at becoming part of that much awaited 2015 household calendar. I’m still at square one.

Not exactly a shining example of technology saving us time.

Being the determined sort that I am, I won’t give up on this, but I know lots of smart people who would. Who would have thrown up their hands (or maybe thrown something) and given up, convinced they aren’t “tech savvy”. I submit that they haven’t failed, rather technology has failed them. Given the impression that its always available, always reliable.

It makes me angry that in an age of handhelds and wearables, technology can still be so incomprehensible and unreliable. Why can’t it just work like it’s supposed to? All. The. Time.

If there really are little mice running things in there, maybe they enjoy messing with us once in a while…



  1. Thanks Karen. It did resolve, but it took way longer than I thought it should have. Thanks for asking, sorry you’ve experienced the same.


    Comment by Susan Morgan — January 13, 2015 @ 10:48 am | Reply

  2. I love this image-of mice working their little hearts out to make all my techy dreams come true. I too get frustrated with this computer and want to smash it to bits. I too am proud of myself for not quitting amid technological frustrations. Thank you for posting and bringing a smile to my face. I hope your issue resolves soon. 🙂


    Comment by Karen Shatafian — January 13, 2015 @ 10:07 am | Reply

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