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December 16, 2014

My Best Gift? The One I Won’t Get For Christmas

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Yup, you read that right. This is a post all about a gift I won’t be getting this Christmas. I just found out about it and was floored, as surprised and touched by this as any beautifully packaged present I’ve ever opened. This gift wasn’t boxed or wrapped. It wasn’t even in the house. I hadn’t asked for it, or thought anyone knew about the need, certainly not a pressing one, to repair the ugly, ruined leather cover of our wedding album.

WeddingAlbumCoverSomehow over the years the leather cover we chose for the album turned from beautiful brown glossy leather to this… what you see here. Leather bindings are supposed to last, right? Well the front and back of our wedding album have changed to this ugliness, feels strange to the touch and can get all over you if you put the album on your lap, as you might to look at the pictures. When I uncovered the state of the album on the day we celebrated our 25th anniversary, I blamed my own lack of care in storing it.

Rebinding wasn’t a priority with a budget like ours, so I put the album where it couldn’t ruin anything else and went on.

The wonderful man to whom I’m married knows the value I put on things like this and so took the time to research having it rebound. Turns out this involved tracking down the single manufacturer (now out of business) of the album, finding a vendor who could do the repairs (turns out it was a common, well known issue) and investigating the process and cost to have it done. Note to any man reading this — women l.o.v.e. this type of consideration. Do this once in a while and you will have her hooked.

Getting back to my story… Our budget prompted my husband to hesitate (bless him!) and ask me about my Christmas wishes. See how that worked guys? Have a conversation, be honest, and amazing things will happen. During our conversation, after I said I had no suggestions for him he revealed these plans.

Now that’s a gift. There’s no thing on this earth to top that.

He doesn’t even have to spend a single penny now. I’m not even kidding. No pretty bit of something in a box can match the feeling of getting just the type of gift this season is all about. A gift I SO needed this year. Knowing the thought and time that went into this project is something I carry with me now, those actions speaking louder than any words, meaning more than any wrapped present under the tree.


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