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December 8, 2014

Watching The Squirrel, Missing The Point

Filed under: Blogging,Daily Life,Musings — Susan Morgan @ 5:28 pm

poster-of-weapons-of-mass-distractionWhile many places in the US protest against racially motivated police brutality, more and more members of Congress are quietly becoming millionaires. That’s right, for the first time in the history of our country, a majority of our representatives in Congress are millionaires. Getting rich and comfortable on OUR dime. Elected by our right, bought with blood, to ‘serve’ the public good.

Which makes me think we’re mad at the wrong things or for the wrong reasons; while the things that should enrage us go on unchecked. Could this be a planned, purposeful distraction by your friend and mine, the media, the politicians and other unnamed persons? Oh no, that’s ‘crazy’ talk.

And yet, social problems fester. Inequality remains alive and well. Innocents suffer, hands are wrung and impassioned speeches made though nothing changes. We are (willingly?) fed a dose of ‘news’ and ‘issues’ that take our focus off were it needs to be. Putting our collective heads together and solving some of the real problems in this world. Making things better for all of us, not just some of us. Here’s a great piece from the International Fellowship of Chivalry (IFCN) that sums up what I was thinking perfectly. How the focus on bickering about issues that have already been settled, the scandals of the (in)famous and the fights about race or gay marriage are keeping us in the worst possible place. Keeping us from looking at our leaders and asking (demanding) that something get done.

I’ll admit it’s entertaining when the excitable (but functionally illiterate) fringes get angry, when well heeled students come out to protest. Agitators starting fires and throwing rocks add an element of surprise the media can’t help but broadcast to the rest of us who are too worn down or sick or busy to mount the proper outrage, to propel us forward to a place where things are better for everyone.

To stop tolerating the ‘screw the little guy’ status quo in Washington (and elsewhere).

Our potential for good is enormous, when roused we are mighty, forceful and true to our best natures. Distracting the collective consciousness is a clever way to keep us from unleashing this on those who so richly deserve it. Those representatives who do nothing, pass laws without even bothering to read them, who give lip service from the back of a limousine and line their own pockets.

If only the silent majority could band together like those brave and brilliant parrots did so many years ago, to send these societal leeches packing and make things new again — closer to what the Founding Fathers intended. It would give us a chance, certainly more of one that any one of us (unless you’r a millionaire) will get from the representatives we have today.


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