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December 1, 2014

NEWSFLASH: Men And Women Are Equal, Different

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f1-not-equal-signLife is full of reminders of the differences between the sexes, if you take a moment to look, or if you happen to be married (involved) with a man. My views on women’s equality aren’t what you’d expect from a woman, women’s libbers would probably hate me. Of course I believe that women and men have the same value, one is not better than another.

Still the feminist movement did me (or my generation) no favors. Equal pay for equal work — yeah right, work twice as hard and maybe get 78% of the pay, if you’re lucky. But it sure got all of us working harder, out of the house but still responsible for everything, too exhausted to see we were chasing an impossible ideal. Women can’t have it all. Neither can men.

For all those years of effort, of political hand wringing and lip service, women still make less than men for the same work.

As angry as this makes me, there are some places that women do not belong. You can put them there, they have a right to be there certainly if they can perform… but they will never belong on the front lines, on the sidelines or in locker rooms. If it were natural, any woman could do it without having to try so hard. Just as men, capable and willing though they may be, do not belong in nail salons, labor and delivery rooms or bridal shops — these are women’s domain, always have been, always will be.

What both men and women have lost in trying to be  ‘equal’ is the concept that we ARE different. Naturally. A man couldn’t plan a surprise party or organize a holiday if his very life depended on it. A woman isn’t the ideal choice to put up outdoor holiday lights or connect up your cable. Nothing wrong with that — it’s different. Not good or bad, better or worse. Just different.

Why are we all fighting so hard, always needing everything to be a win/lose contest? I like when a man holds a door for men — just like the vast majority of men have no problem seeing a woman earn what they do for the same work. Maybe the time has come to stop trying to make men and women the same and start appreciating our inborn differences.

Embrace them. Celebrate them. And move ON.


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