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November 14, 2014

Slogging Through The Stink Of Life

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when-life-isnt-fair“I never though in a million years I’d be… ”

Fill in the blank and you’ll have the beginning of too many of my conversations of late… the end of that sentence always a shining example of life flexing its “I’ll show you” muscle. Especially in those of my age group who find ourselves in the most unexpected of life circumstances, things that never entered our wildest imaginings when we were younger. We followed the rules, paid our taxes, kept our noses clean. We worked hard. We made the right choices.

It didn’t help.

From where I sit, too many educated, talented people my age can’t get interviewed for a job, never mind land one. For those who are lucky enough to make a decent living, they watch other children get scholarships and grants while their kids graduate saddled with debt. Others live with family because life has dealt them a few hard knocks and they no longer have the means to live on their own. Worst of all are those who are coping, day in, day out, with a debilitating illness during what they were assured would be the “best” years of life.

Totally, completely unfair. And that’s just the personal stuff… unfortunately unfairness and injustice are all too common in this world of ours. I submit these as examples of what a close friend terms “the stink of life.”

Yeah, it stinks all right.

If there is any good to come from the unfairness of life, it can only be to make us stronger, maybe a bit angry or more determined and resourceful. Or as a reinforcement to the (often overlooked) lessons — never take anything, not one single moment, for granted.  Make your peace with change because it’s the only thing in life you can rely upon.

I’ve never been good with change.

And I’ve had my fill of reminders that I’m not all-powerful. I can acknowledge that life has other plans I may never understand. I just wish some of those plans could involve a regular paycheck. How about you, any thoughts you’d like to share…


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