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November 2, 2014

Voter Lookup: Casting A Ballot Matters

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This may make me sound old-fashioned and hopelessly out of style (touch), but I consider it an obligation to the past, to those who fought and died for freedom, to take the time to vote.

Even in the little, nobody cares mid-term elections. Even though I’m as sick of the negative ads, the say nothing sound bites and rehearsed debates as anyone. Even though I’m almost sure nothing will ever change — doing nothing guarantees it.

Everyone hates the political posturing and game playing that’s come to take hold of government. The money that holds so much power and influence. All of us want things to change for the better, understanding that some issues are more complex than we might expect. It’s a complex, always evolving world, after all. And still we the people retain a power we seem to lazy (comfortable) to use — our vote. Politicians may be bought and sold, but no one is buying your vote, or mine. Cast it and send a message.

Even though our democratic system is battered, bloated and in trouble, it’s still far, far better than any other in the world. Just ask the people fighting for the freedom you take for granted. Casting a vote is the one and only way ordinary people have to be heard. Even if you think your vote doesn’t count. Even if you think you “don’t know enough” or “don’t care about politics” take the time to find out.

Or else, don’t complain when things aren’t as they should be.


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