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October 31, 2014

After Death Communications: When You’re Getting Messages From Beyond

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walk into lightAn appropriate topic for this time of year…  after death communication (ADCs for short) are experiences that happen when someone is contacted directly and spontaneously by someone who has died, most typically, but not always, a close blood relative. The contact is often within the first 24 hours after passing, but can come months or years later. You can be awake, asleep or meditating.

The cool thing (beyond the obvious) is that there need be no psychics, no rituals or devices involved — you can be awake or asleep, the experience is natural and utterly at the discretion of the one who has passed — they choose the when, where and how of the whole thing.

As someone who has always been interested in the occult, this idea isn’t all that strange or threatening. In fact, I enjoyed researching it to help another understand these experiences. The idea of the dead being able to communicate is rather foundation shaking when you’re grieving, but can be very reassuring too. We go on. Love goes on. We can never have too many reminders of that.

What startled me when I started researching this topic was how common ADC appears to be, how many different ways there are (sensing a presence; seeing; hearing; feeling a hug, tap, caress; smelling) for communication to be accomplished, and how connected those who have passed remain to those they loved.

You don’t have to “believe” in an afterlife
While many religions teach of an afterlife, you don’t need to believe in one to have this experience. Belief is unnecessary. ADCs happen to people of all ages (even children) as well as those of all social classes, educational levels, economic circumstances, occupations and religions. The common theme appears to be a need for communication with the person involved. Perhaps comfort or reassurance is needed. Perhaps a message must be delivered.

Skeptical or not, at least recognize the feat it is to communicate this way. Amazing.

You don’t need to believe anything in particular to have this experience. You are not crazy. You’re not imagining things or indulging in wishful thinking. You are experiencing something yet to be fully understood but most definitely real. Accept that.

ADCs happen to more people than you think
Research in the area that’s based on over 3,300 first hand accounts from people of all ages (8-92 years) and places on the globe finds that ADCs happen to a wider range of people than those who are grief-stricken or bereaved. Experts (conservatively) estimate that as many as 60 million (20% of the population) has had some of these experiences. Many have kept quiet out of a fear of ridicule, a sense of needing to guard the experience.

Just know that you are not alone. You never have been alone.

The ADC can be long or short in duration; offer a profound message or a more simple one. There are an amazing number of stories once you start looking. All my life people have shared personal experiences with the phenomenon, memories that were treasured, beyond price. I never knew this experience had been given a name, or that anybody was collecting information and trying to understand it. Science usually hates this stuff.

It’s only a message, sent with love, nothing more
In the final analysis, ADCs are a form of communication, an expression of love, love that spans time and place and being. Love that doesn’t stop because we are in different spaces. It asks nothing. It is given to you, ready and waiting, all you need do is be open and accepting.

For me, there’s a good measure of comfort in an Eskimo proverb that sums the idea…



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