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May 8, 2014

Suffering Under State Supervision

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Justina Pelletier with her parents Linda and Lou. Image via Facebook

I heard this father on local (to me) radio station WRKO with Howie Carr the other day and I had to turn the program off. I could not take it. The agony in this family’s situation was so upsetting, so pointless and galling I literally had to stop listening — I could not stand to hear how this child is being treated… wasting away, alone and suffering. Thanks in no small measure to the “care” she’s received under the custody of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.

An organization already on the hot seat for the disappearance and deaths of minors in their care. 95 since 2001.

I can’t even begin to imagine how the Pelletier family feels. The kind of pain her mother and father must be living every single day. For those not aware, I’m talking about the plight (well publicized in my area) of a Connecticut teen who’s been in the custody of the state of Massachusetts for over a year, after a dispute over a diagnosis and treatment plan for 15-year-old Justina by her parents Lou and Linda Pelletier. I won’t mention the hospital involved, but their behavior in this is nothing short of shameful, far from being in the best interests of any child, much less their patient.

What Justina herself as well as every member of her family has endured is unimaginable — you think it can’t be, and yet it is. You think state agencies can’t reach in and disrupt your life… take away your child — but they can, and do. These two parents are forced to stand by and watch their daughter be put in situations that are destructive, abusive and downright dangerous. And they’re not alone. This sick, scared teen has been abused by STAFF to the point of other PATIENTS (none to stable themselves mind you) protecting her.

How is that even possible? What kind of system is the state of Massachusetts running here?

This current situation is beyond horrible. Inexcusable in fact. The fearsome thing is… there are probably so many more that don’t make the news, so many parents who quietly go alone because they think they have no option. Every youth services worker/official involved in the Pelletier case should be fired. Healthcare pros should be disciplined in some way that hurts. Charged with crimes if possible. Elected or appointed officials need to outright resign for allowing this family, this girl, to suffer this way.

There is no excuse for this. None.

Here’s the latest for you… A “new” proposal to solve Pelletier custody dispute yet make things difficult for the family and ensure that Justina is, yet again, not in the right hands.

As this story continues, I ask you to keep this family, and especially Justina, in your thoughts and prayers. These people need all the help, support and love they can get. And then some.


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