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April 28, 2014

When Change Is As Ugly As Ugly Can Be

Filed under: business,Thoughts,Writing — Susan Morgan @ 9:14 am

Boy this is a stupid rant, but this bugs me so much, I can’s seem to help myself. I’d categorize the change that prompted this display of temper as one of those “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” moments. And then, like most people, I really don’t like change, especially when the change doesn’t seem like it’s for the better. photo

My weather app, (data giant The Weather Channel), something I looked at several times a day, has decided, inexplicably, to change how it looks. Maybe there were focus groups involved, and a team of designers… a few executives too most likely. Sure I can still see the temperature, conditions and location, but the background is… well… hideous. What happened to the sky? The sun and wind and rain backgrounds?

I don’t want to look at skyscrapers. And ads, let’s not forget the ads, now an unavoidable part of the information.

The new background is so ugly it makes me (almost) miss the ones with the cars that I was seeing for a while. Those were annoying, but they didn’t seem to be as awful to look it. These make my eyeballs hurt. Who chose this? Have they ever heard of nature?

The pundits say that the new Weather Channel app has more to appeal to the weather geeks among us. I’m not one of those, and therefore annoyed that I’m inconvenienced. Now I’ll have to learn how to use this all over again, which way to swipe, what they’ve put where. And I’m not one bit interested in the social media aspect — an app to talk about the weather? Do we really need that?

I have those awkward conversations enough in real life. Why  have them online?

I’m hoping that amid all the hoopla over the change there’s a feature I’ve yet to discover that allows you to choose the background you see, or that varies what you look at each day. I’m guessing I’ll have to get used to the changes or do the work to find another way to get my weather fix. With The Weather Channel being the biggest and best around, I doubt I’ll be able to top them, though I’ll let you all know if I do.

And maybe now that April is well underway perhaps I won’t be checking it with weather apps as much anyway.

This whole thing reminds me how much change really sucks sometimes — even little changes. It makes us work, makes us wary — if one unexpected change can happen so  might others. Not that seeing a change coming (for months) is any better, that’s just like ripping a Band-Aid off very slowly — hurts for longer and harder than it should. Change challenges and nobody likes that, myself included.

Thank you for listening. It feels good to have gotten that out of my system. Any of you have change stories or other rants to share… I’m here.


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