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April 1, 2014

All The Foolishness One Day Can Hold

Filed under: Blogging,Daily Life,Musings — Susan Morgan @ 2:30 pm

0It’s a day dedicated to fools, so who am I to argue?

Funny how we have a whole holiday (of sorts) dedicated to playing pranks, silly, harmless ones, on others. I’ve pranked a few times, I’ll admit, but it was far more fun to anticipate the prank than to actually pull it off. After all was said and done, it seemed… well… silly and a little bit mean.

There’s a lot of tradition behind fools… turns out this upstart of a holiday is “celebrated” in more than just the U.S. — England, France and Canada get in on it too.There’s even a list of Top 100 April Fool’s Day Hoaxes of All Time (first place goes to the BBC for tricking people in 1957 into thinking they could grow spaghetti). Yikes.

I’ve never been one of those people who could pull off a prank, and I’m lucky not to know anyone who can. We’ve all seen the TV programs where people do some pretty harsh things to each other, on camera, for entertainment no less. How relationships survive that is beyond me.

Nobody likes to be made to look foolish. Nobody.

One of the many fascinating things I learned while studying tarot that the Fool can be thought to represent our own selves, embarking on a journey through the various mysteries of life. He has all he needs on his person and something else too. Blind faith. A trust that things will work out for him… that he won’t go over the cliff… that he’ll be saved. Some say that kind of faith is foolish, but just what if it isn’t so crazy, so silly after all?

What if having faith that all will be well is the way to be? It certainly is less stressful, I’ll give you that.


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