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March 1, 2014

Count Your Blessings Americans

Filed under: General Stuff,Musings — Susan Morgan @ 1:59 pm

As angry as we sometimes get at our government, the biases of the main stream media and the power held by the rich and well-connected, can you really sustain that anger when you see what’s happening in the Ukraine (or Venezuela)? It’s compelling and terrible at the same time. The situation continues to change and it’s far more complex than it seems at first glance. Make no mistake, this is dangerous… and holds potential to impact all of us.

As we sit in comfortable abundance there are actually people fighting (dying) in the streets, risking their very lives because they disagree with a choice made by their government. How bad do things have to be that rising up to face injury or death is your best option? This kind of bravery is worthy of respect, support and more than a passing blip on the evening news.

These are the days when more of us should be really, truly grateful to be living here, in a working democracy. Freedom is an amazing, though often taken for granted gift. The biggest challenge to voters in the US (besides the political machine, plain vanilla candidates, ignoring difficult issues) face at the polls is the line of sign toting, Kool-Aid drinking campaign volunteers shivering outside your local voting place.

To be sure, the US is far from problem free, but it is still also so much better than the options out there today. We modern souls like to think times of darkness, want and tyranny are long gone… a thing of the distant past. In too many places in this word, many we don’t hear about, this just isn’t the case.

Think about that next time you’re tempted to blow off voting on an Election Day. People died for that right. People die today for it.

Here’s the info that prompted my post… a news service from Dave Pell that I highly recommend.

History Unfolds in Kiev

History is moving at an incredible pace in Ukraine. Last week, President Viktor Yanukovych was still in power. This week, he is out of power, on the run, and wanted on charges of “mass murder of peaceful civilians.”

• “In the space of a day, everything has changed, again.” In The Atlantic, Uri Friedman provides some background on a country that seemed to change overnight.

• With Yanukovych on the move, thousands of Ukrainians descended on his country estate which, it turns out, includes a replica galleon floating on an artificial waterway, a golf course, and a zoo. This place is basically a moonwalk away from being Neverland Ranch.

• “He had never been knocked down. His ring name, Dr. Ironfist, is a testament to both his hitting power and his status as the only world champion ever to hold a Ph.D.” Vitali Klitschko,Ukraine’s revolutionary champ.


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