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February 20, 2014

Name Calling, Petty Disagreements, Insults: All To Distract You From The Science

Filed under: Blogging,General Stuff,Writing — Susan Morgan @ 12:31 pm

Put me down as really not sure what’s going on with the climate… if mankind is able to impact things on such a global scale by what we do. Perhaps the changes we’re seeing a’re due to some other reason entirely… I really don’t know. By the time science has the answer it probably won’t matter one bit.

Those who dispute the changes in climate are nearly always called “climate deniers” a purposely insulting term to which they take rightful offense. Calling these people deniers makes their position seem like a knee-jerk reaction, without thought or evidence. As if denying is sheer stupidity. As if they have no right to question or ask for proof. Hardly a way to win an argument, much less open a mind to an opposing view.

Some of the jokes from these deniers are pretty funny, I’ll admit.

Insulted, so-called deniers lash back, poking fun at the absurdity of citing “global warming” when we’re all shivering and bracing for yet another snowstorm. When 49 of the 50 U.S. states are covered in snow. It cuts the legs out from under a scientific argument if the wrong words are used, never more so than when the cause is as far-reaching as this one.

Experts remind us not to confuse weather with climate. Think of it this way… climate is what you expect, the weather is what you get.

As for myself, I can’t say I know much about climate change. I know we haven’t been keeping records for that long, so some variations may have happened before and not been noted. I’ve also read about the “little ice age” and can’t help but wonder if the warming we see today is the natural swing to the other end of that spectrum.

It’s hard to argue with data (from NASA no less) like this, an animation of rising global surface temperatures since 1950. It’s a rather powerful image that is hard to ignore, even harder to discredit. There’s other NASA data on climate change, and how we know that’s equally compelling.

 So the name calling and silly disputes go on and no one really does anything about it. It’s a hard problem to solve, costly too and these days there’s not a lot of will to sacrifice for future generations. Given abundance and technology, comfort and freedom from predators, humans chose to use this amazing opportunity (never seen before) to reach selfish, short-term ends… future be dammed. Not our problem.

Let me be the first to apologize future generations. Not all of us agreed with ignoring the signs we were given, but the rich and powerful did and that was enough.


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