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February 17, 2014

When Every Day Is A Bad Hair Day

Filed under: Writing — Susan Morgan @ 10:59 am

Did you ever stop to think about how much time, money and attention we all give our hair? Cutting it, coloring it, styling it just right. How great it feels w hen you know it looks good — how terrible to find out that it really doesn’t. Maybe the idea of a “bad hair day” is something that’s only understood and appreciated by women, because we’ve all had our share.

My own are embarrassingly plentiful if past family/yearbook photos are to be believed. Especially during the 1980s — and yes, the whole decade.

But I digress. On those days when you know your hair looks especially good, the knowing helps you through the worst stress, makes you immune to criticism and generous to those without your glorious head of hair. You can conquer the world. Nothing can really be all that bad when you feel as if you look your best.

Hint: Sincerely compliment a woman’s  hair (color, cut or style) puts you one step closer to winning her.

You probably never thought about just how important your own hair is to your self-image. It’s a key to our physical description, gives non-verbal but vital messages about who we are and is the source of much pride for the lucky, much angst for the rest of us. My own hair and I declared a truce years ago when I stopped fighting the hated cowlick and began to work with it… only then could peace be attempted, and this is how we remain today. An uneasy truce.

Losing your hair is no easy thing. Heads without hair get cold, get stared at, mark you as different or seriously ill. Not many people can stand up to that… which is probably why wigs, hats and hair restoration are so popular. It’s very hard to be exposed any time you are in public, to be marked without saying a word.

While hair loss is hard on both men and woman, it is actually far worse for women, despite what men might have you believe. Research has shown women who lose their hair have a more negative body image, and are less able to adapt to the loss. Women feel more insecure about how they look, and how the world sees them.

And for men, there’s this. Nearly 75% report feeling less confidence, especially dealing with dating situations, after losing their hair. It’s not hard to  see why a guy would hate that… and not everyone has the smooth, symmetrical head of Howie Mandel.

So for those with good heads of hair, be merciful to those of us who struggle for what you have by nature. And for those who are losing (or have lost) their hair, we’ll try to behave toward you as we’d like you to treat us if our positions were reversed.


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