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February 14, 2014

Survey Says!

Filed under: Blogging,General Stuff — Susan Morgan @ 12:02 pm

Does anyone else remember Richard Dawson on Family Feud? Those were the days before cable and YouTube, when bad TV (and yes, we knew it was bad) was the norm — looking back all those old shows seem campy, overacted and produced on a shoestring.

What got me thinking about Richard and the Feud are the two telephone surveys I just took. I was most intrigued by the areas on which I was questioned, and a bit surprised by what they didn’t touch on. I’ve always thought it was telling what a pollster question you about. Shows you what the establishment (or whoever pays for the poll) thinks may be hot issues in the upcoming election.

So, here they are (not in the order asked):

  • Economy, personal circumstances (are you better, worse, the same) as well as feeling about the national economy going forward
  • Who would you supper in the Republican primary, a list of 6-8 names, a few I recognized, 2-3 not so much.
  • Do you support amnesty for illegals, a yes/no answer was required.
  • Global warming/Climate change beliefs about the issue as well as the level of knowledge you have in this area
  • Marijuana being legal, should it be sold at taxable dispensaries
  • Abortion, agree w/ 1 of 3 statements — do not support under any circumstances, support if danger to life, support abortion
  • Disaster prep/plan — this one caught me off guard. Do we have one? I’m ashamed to admit we don’t, and in fact my 18 year old daughter though such conversations odd, creepy and unnecessary.
  • Gun control, do you support enhanced background checks, do you agree with banning mentally ill from ownership

Here, also very telling, is what was not covered:

  • Gay marriage
  • Foreign policy
  • Paying down national debt
  • Education
  • Energy policy/independence

Well, there you have it. Anyone else getting these calls or is the pleasure unique to first presidential primary state residents? Just wondering…


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