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February 6, 2014

Why Not You?

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An intriguing question this one. Why not you?

It was this simple question regularly asked by SuperBowl winning quarterback Russell Wilson’s late father Harry as he supported his son’s athletic career. And it worked, in rather spectacular fashion, 43 to 8 — a sound thumping for a Hall of Fame athlete who everyone expected to win and his Denver Broncos.

I just love stories like this.

It goes beyond the triumph of the underdog (3rd round draft pick, 5’11”, 2nd year in the NFL), though that is surely part of my appreciation. It’s the pure, simple optimism of the question… why not you? You’re as good, as deserving, as hardworking as anyone else, so why should that not be rewarded, recognized?

After all, if you don’t believe you can, who will?

The message — believe in your own abilities… put in the hard work and don’t think for a minute you are not deserving of glory is one we don’t get often enough. This win is real, living, breathing proof that heart is what sets you apart… not your size, or what people expect. Fear and self doubt may be natural, but they are toxic to your goals… ignore them.

Faith the size of a mustard seed, so the Bible verse goes, can move mountains. And so it can. The SuperBowl win by the Wilson-led Seahawks this year is a timely example of this, one to give heart to all of us that amazing things can (and do) happen if you believe.


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