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January 29, 2014

A Good Man Coping With Horrible Circumstances

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Yesterday I talked (ranted) about Wendy Davis’ glaring example of bad mothering, but paradoxically I’m not going to put the focus today on a very good father, sports “color” man Jerry Remy who announced he’s returning to work after suffering every parent’s worst nightmare, a child who commits a horrible crime.

When this happens everyone looks to the parents… I did too. I wondered about what went on in that house, and how this young man who seemed to have a very nice family and life could go so wrong. As a parent, I know that hard truth — you can love your heart out, offer every intervention and opportunity, do whatever you can to deliver the best for your child and that can not be enough.

In the end parents can only do so much, the child too has to come some of the way, and some kids don’t. My Mom always says, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” This is an example of that I think.

So my heart goes out to this father as he announced his return to the job he loves. The written statement he made was heartfelt and brutally honest… it brought a tear to my eye and helped me to understand, in some small way, the pain this man is feeling. And will feel for every singe day the rest of his life.

As a parent I ache for Jerry and his wife Phoebe. This mother and father  are living every parents’ nightmare in the best (only) way they know. Trying to be respectful, dignified, honorable in a situation that no one could predict or handle without being rocked to the core. Maybe the only possible positive thing to come out of this tragedy is to change some of the judgement that happens when a kid goes bad. To let people see the very real pain and devastation, warts and all.

I commend them both for that.

Jerry must be a very special individual to have the support he does, from a media (NESN gave him a standing offer to return) outlet and sports franchise (who kept in touch during last season and the World Series) no less. That says something for sure. Class act is how I would label him, and if I ever get the chance to shake his hand I’d do it proudly.

No, Jerry, you are no quitter — be proud of that.


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