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January 28, 2014

Making All The Wrong Choices, For All The Wrong Reasons

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It’s hard not to comment on such a shocking display of selfishness. Especially as I find myself having made the exact opposite choice of this woman… kids first, family second, career dead last.
As a mother, I’m utterly furious that Wendy Davis and the word mother might actually be used in the same sentence. This woman is no mother, she has not earned the right to call herself one. If anything, she should be stripped of the title. In case you haven’t heard, Davis is running for governor of Texas, but a number of facts from her background seem to have caught up with her, and she may reap what she so callously sowed.
Abandoning your children in favor of yourself is not a way to win friends and influence people… at least not once those people hear about it.
While biologically a part of two children, Davis left them during their formative years (one at 2, the other 8) to pursue a career, then divorced their main parent the day after the law school bills were paid. That’s cold, and gives rise to the question, if she’d do this to those who love her, what would she do to you?
Maybe, painful as it is to realize, those girls are better off without being subjected to such a uncaring, self-obsessed and opportunistic mother. She’d have done them no good, and it sounds like they got a lot better with the father than they ever would have with her. Some women are use not good mothers, unfortunately too many of them have unsuspecting children before they realize. Wendy is one of those.
I can only hope, as a mother, a woman and a living, breathing person on the planet, that this Davis woman’s political career is at its well deserved end.

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