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December 30, 2013

The Gifts That Regular Exercise Gives You

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Since this is a time of year when we’re all thinking resolutions… and many of those revolve around getting more fit, I’d like to share what daily exercise (36 minutes of cardio, weights for the arms 3 times per week) has done for me, the poster child of unfit subjects.

I feel AMAZING it’s as if working your muscles and having blood pumping sets off a burst of adrenaline (or maybe it’s just those feel good endorphins) that gives you a real shot in the arm. It feels great.

I’m writing more. Ideas are just there… and I find I’m getting them down (via my beloved iPad mini) better than ever. Just look at the number of posts in this blog starting in September… more regular, more in-depth.

I have more energy overall no mid afternoon crash, just a steady supply of energy all day. I don’t feel sluggish. It’s no effort to get up and get something. I’m alert and ready, without feeling stressed or jumpy.

I’m not as stressed, as nervous, and believe me I should be. It’s like the workout burns off the stress that used to have me ruminating about things I could do little about. My brain just does not go that way as much since I started regular exercise.

I don’t crave sweets so I’m probably taking in fewer calories, though I deny myself nothing. When I do indulge, I find I’m satisfied (full) with far less than before. I’ve upped my fruit intake to help provide energy for the workout.

I’m sleeping marginally better, and for a woman with all the discomforts of menopause plus a sleep disorder known as restless leg syndrome, that’s saying something.

My clothes fit better, and several people close to me have asked if I’ve lost weight (I still haven’t). But I do look tighter, place that used to be flabby and jiggly aren’t so much anymore and I am starting to see my curves coming back.

All these benefits, plus the unseen ones to my health, don’t come with some effort. I have to get myself on that treadmill every day… for me that’s the schedule that works, for you it might be different.

But if you’re serious about doing something for yourself this year, exercise is a smart choice with lots of amazing benefits you feel almost right away. And then, there’s always this…


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