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December 27, 2013

Political Correctness: The Ruin Of Us All

Filed under: Daily Life,General Stuff,Life — Susan Morgan @ 12:18 pm

BlueTexasPoliticalCorrectnessSign208SReveleyI know I’m not the only one who thinks that political correctness is ruining this country, and all of us in the process. It really and truly has taken our edge, made us softer, more sensitive. Like a pampered little thing that cringes at the first hint of disapproval or runs crying from a fight. We’re so afraid to insult, to offend that everything we say is watered down, weaker, more measured.

Plain vanilla, with no fire, no passion, no soul.

Even with all the advantages we have in our modern world, the affluence and accessibility to technology for so many, it seems we’re not evolved enough to handle plain speaking, The truth burns our ears. Honest words (not insults, as in words we all know by now we should never use) are just too much for our fragile little egos to handle.I shudder to think how we’d fair during a real crisis… a world war, an epidemic or natural disaster in our own backyard.

In fact, if you use Pinterest to look back at news from the 1940s you’ll be shocked at just how much speech has changed. Offense to anyone was not even a consideration back then… a spade was a spade. Granted it was wartime and the need was grave, but did we really have to run so far from those simple, honest times to the point where we are afraid to insult an enemy?

Can you imagine the 1970s TV show All in the Family airing today? Any network that tried such a daring program would be deluged with protests, berated by every group imaginable. Backbone being what it is, the show would be off the air before the November sweeps and the audience would be the loser.

What’s worse, even the whiff of discrimination is enough to launch hand wringing and candlelight vigils — accusations are quick to fly but not always borne out by the facts. A recent case of racist graffiti sprayed on a house tells the tale well enough. Only after the rest of the football seasons was cancelled and the players questioned did the authorities look at the real culprit — the player’s own mother.

Or, how about the case that made news about a waitress being left no tip but a stern anti-gay message about her lifestyle. Except she wasn’t. Turns out it may be that she wrote the message… the customers in question produced a check with tip and without the message. Still, these innocent folks must prove they weren’t anti-gay before a skeptical media will let them off the hook.

These days it seems like everyone is so busy looking for insults, so ready to parade sensitivities and differences, so easily and deeply wounded by words. Like name calling, being wished “Merry Christmas” is the equal of an actual crime. In the end this hyper sensitive, politically correct society we’ve created becomes the very definition of what we’re all against. Racism. Discrimination. Unfair advantage based solely on race, ethnicity or sex.

Think about it… Is “person of color” really so much better than “black”? Is seeing the word “Christmas”  or hearing the word “God” going to destroy the fabric of society for all time? And how is it that the transgender population get their rights respected over the rights of people who know for sure which sex they are?

I for one am tired of political correctness. So in 2014 one resolution I’m considering is to be as politically incorrect as possible, as often as possible.

Happy New Year!


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