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December 6, 2013

Selfies: Loudly Proclaiming Your Obsession With… You

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Just when I thought modern civilization could not possibly be more self obsessed, there’s this. The word “selfie” has been chosen as the word of 2013 by no less than the Oxford dictionary. I heard this word for the first time only last year, from my teen son. Apparently everyone (but me) had heard it already and knew what it meant.

If this is your first time hearing it, consider yourself blessed.

Less than a year later, the term my son tossed off with such disapproval has made it into the dictionary, and presumably, is now an accepted part of speech. Somewhere the literary giants of the past are cringing and shaking their heads. They thought texting was bad, and now this. What more can modern times do to the language they used so well?

Selfies are truly the dark side of putting cameras in cellphones. Now you don’t need another person to take an unflattering photo of you, you can do it all by yourself. The phone, a mirror, a soulful expression and a steadfast belief in your own importance are all that’s required.

It’s no surprise that the poster child for self indulgence, Kim Kardashian has supplied selfie taking guidelines.

It’s not like these photos are some impressive new art form — selfies all have the same forced, awkward look. A true selfie has only one person — more than this would take attention from the subject and we can’t have that. And unlike real art, selfies appear literally everywhere thanks to update seeking Facebook, as well as photo sharing sites like Instagram and Snapchat.

I don’t understand why people take selfies… like how much free time do they have, and what shots didn’t make the cut. It’s hard not to wonder at the mental capacity of someone who has ready access to the most amazing technology ever created, and taking (not to mention widely sharing) their own picture is the best thing they can think to do with it.

What the popularity of the selfie says about us isn’t all that flattering, or hopeful.

All around us there is need — truly terrible suffering from war and natural disaster that is being ignored while self indulgent fools take pictures of themselves and share them online with all the digital world. Wake up! Try turning your focus outward — just for a minute — and use what mind you have to look around, outside your own self. Learn more about what you don’t understand. Think about somebody else for a change.

Anyone (yes even teens and 20s) who takes a selfie should ask themselves some hard questions.

Like isn’t there a better use of your time and technology?

Does the world really and truly need more of YOU?

Don’t you realize what endlessly taking and posting selfies is saying about you? 


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