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November 27, 2013

Time For A Heartfelt Thank You

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I know I’ve written about being grateful before, and what I’m grateful for in my life. The last time was back around Thanksgiving of 2007, and when I reread the list I found things haven’t changed much during the last 6 years.

Today I’m grateful for that.

And I’d like to add, grateful to all of you who follow this blog, who read the words I write and hopefully find something of value to take away. Knowing you are out there, and all but one of you is related to me, is an affirmation that means a great deal to a struggling writer still trying to make it. I’m grateful to every single one of you for your time and attention because I know how many things are competing for both.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I hope you too have many things to be grateful for in your life and that you spend the day in good health with good food and good company. God Bless!


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  1. […] In fact, if you use Pinterest to look back at news from the 1940s you’ll be shocked at just how much speech has changed. Offense to anyone was not even a consideration back then… a spade was a spade. Granted it was wartime and the need was grave, but did we really have to run so far from those simple, honest times to the point where we are afraid to insult an enemy? […]


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