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November 17, 2013

Why Are Aliens Ignoring Us? We Are Not Worthy

Filed under: Blogging,Musings — Susan Morgan @ 10:06 am

It’s not something we highly evolved beings like to consider, but it may well be the reason no alien life form has made public contact with us. In an impossibly huge, ever-expanding universe, we just don’t matter all that much.

My daughter, a dedicated Dr. Who fan, shared the series explanation of why no aliens have ever publicly contacted Earth, and it makes sense. We haven’t made enough “noise” yet. No surprise, what could we, emotion driven, stupidly wasteful humans, have to offer another race — one advanced enough for space travel?

Nothing but a beautiful, thriving place we’re doing our best to destroy.

It’s always seemed odd to me, despite my love for the X Files (I do believe!), that any alien beings would need (or care) to keep their arrival (or presence) secret from us. Our reaction to their existence or arrival would be like that of a scared child… irrational but likely of more harm to us than to them. Eventually people would get over it… a free crazies might jump out windows or head for the hills, but that would be it.

Chances are any aliens would have technology that could squash us like bugs (or hide themselves from us I suppose) if they chose to use it. Despite all the thrilling sci-fi action movies out there, human beings are really no threat to anyone more superior to ourselves. It’s those creatures who we think are beneath us that need to do any worrying about human beings.

All we can hope is that any beings evolved enough for space travel would be evolved enough to respect our rights. Which is to say, they’d be nothing like us.

It would be terrible if that first alien contact played out like the Twilight Zone episode – To Serve Man. They come, benign at first sharing until we are utterly dependent and they have taken control, humans are then enslaved or eradicated — served up as food or used some other way. I know I’ve seen other sci-fi series where aliens wanted the planet for a home, or its resources free of any infestation of pesky humans… neither of those ideas is very comforting either.

Yikes, let’s hope our little blue marble stays happily anonymous in the vastness of space and we do nothing to draw attention to ourselves.


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