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November 5, 2013

Bad Day? Here’s A Guaranteed Smile, Or Two

Filed under: Humor — Susan Morgan @ 2:42 pm

We all have bad days, but humor or even a smile, helps to lighten the load sometimes. At least that’s been my experience… on days when things are the worst, something that can make me laugh (or even smile) is much appreciated. Science agrees that laughter can be the best medicine for stress, pain and even conflict.

Whatever makes you laugh… really laugh works.

Here are some pictures I’m hoping will make you smile, or perhaps laugh and put some positivity into a bad day, week, year.

Just look at that face… and how he’s looking into his mother’s eyes. You can see the love between them… babies do not fake that stuff, they don’t know how.

Here are other images I’ve gathered using Pinterest… a great image collection website that lets you see (and save for future viewing) an image you see on the site, or anywhere on the web. The visuals appear in categories (history, science & nature, holidays) and some of the images are incredibly beautiful. Others are horrific history that should never be forgotten.

But Pinterest is far from being all serious either… there are many photos you can find to make you laugh right out loud. I have a Humor board (very irreverent, read at your own risk) and a Too Cute board loaded with images that really make me smile…

Babies and puppies… who can resist them? Clearly I can’t.

The wild offers some pretty incredible images that are sure to coax a smile. How about this one of a yawning baby bunny? How cute is he or she?

You still not feeling it? Let’s bring out the big guns… a photo from the wild that will show you how universal love really is. Something that might have you rethinking the idea that caging intelligent, living creatures for our own entertainment is a good practice.

Take a look at this family…

Last but certainly not least, a photo that will get a chuckle out of just about anyone. Pure unadulterated glee… elephant style.

See… don’t you feel better?



  1. that elephant 😀


    Comment by themonumentaljackass — November 5, 2013 @ 2:54 pm | Reply

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