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October 31, 2013

When Your Team Wins It All

Filed under: Writing — Susan Morgan @ 10:42 am

It’s a powerful thing when your local team wins, even better if “experts” wrote that team off at the start of the season. Victory is as sweet as vindication.

I’m lucky to be living in an area (New Hampshire) close enough to follow (with varying degrees of passion mind you) teams who deliver big sports wins more often than most. In the last ten years we’ve had 2 amazingly big wins in 2004, one in 2005, another in 2007 and in 2008 before a few dark years and then that hockey win in 2011. All our teams take their turn. It makes for good reasons for get togethers, has left us with some incredible memories and sadly been the impetus for some senseless tragedies.

There is nothing like the feeling of shared joy at the moment of that big win. It equalizes. It breaks down barriers, starts conversations, it’s a shared memory that gives us all a sense of unity we really need in these times when isolation is so easy. It’s thrilling and the closest the rest of us can come to athletic glory.

Why some (but thankfully not all) fans feel the need to celebrate by drinking themselves silly, destroying things and assaulting the police who protect us all is beyond me. Knuckleheads, a term brought to us by outgoing Boston mayor Tom Menino, is the best word to describe these fools. Sadly every big win comes with stories of bad behavior by celebrating fans. What is wrong with you people? Boo!!!

And at the risk of dropping a bit of rain on the celebration parade, it makes me chuckle when people (or signs/headlines) proclaim, “We won!” It’s not “we” you fool, unless you’re on the team’s roster. YOU didn’t win anything. A team you love did something extraordinary and you WATCHED them do it.

Be proud! Stay Boston Strong! But stop claiming the victory, it isn’t yours.


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