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October 11, 2013

If The Meek Don’t Inherit The Earth, They Should

Filed under: Blogging,Musings — Susan Morgan @ 1:39 am

As someone who is routinely dismissed, talked over and ignored (except by you wonderful blog followers of course), today I’d like to share a few thoughts about meekness.

People in my personal life might be startled to hear me use that word to describe myself — but having strong opinions and using words with skill does not prevent you from being meek. Far from it. In fact, I’ve stepped back, waited my turn and given ground more in the last few months than most people do in a lifetime.

That’s why the Earth should go to the meek. We’re used to putting ourselves after others. We don’t have to be heard or credited, and we won’t force our will upon anyone.

Meekness doesn’t think it knows everything, what’s best for everyone. Meekness leaves that for the individual to decide for themselves, and is there to pick up the pieces if (when) things fall apart. The meek aren’t about bragging or the big show… they aren’t looking for credit. They’re happiest when those around them are happy.

Though meekness was not my choice or plan, it was a gift bestowed by nature, one that’s as inescapable as hair and eye color. I readily admit that more than a few of the dismissals I’ve experienced are my own fault. Maybe I’m too soft-spoken. Maybe I miss cues on when to inject a point. Maybe my contributions are ordinary and boring. Maybe i hang out with the wrong people.

Whatever the reason, being dismissed  readily and so regularly hurts. Cuts to the bone, but it also makes you think a lot about meekness. What it means. Why it matters.

It’s natural for the meek to be good listeners, since no one lets them talk. Attentive listening like this offers an incredible insight into people, one they often aren’t aware they are providing. Letting another talk gives you a window into how that mind really works, what’s important and what’s given lip service, and you almost always come away with a sharp reminder of the very real ugliness that lives in us all.

Being a meek sort also calls for developing patience as you wait for your chance to be heard. They don’t call patience a virtue for nothing — it’s an important thing to master (I’m still trying) in life, and will save you needless worry and angst if you manage it. Patience keeps you from doing something you’ll regret later.

Of course, being meek, asking for credit, attention and the like doesn’t come easily. So… thanks for listening people.


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