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October 3, 2013

Just So You Know, You’re NOT In Charge Here

Filed under: Blogging,General Stuff,Life,Musings — Susan Morgan @ 5:35 pm

Nature really knows what she’s doing… keeping people (yes even psychics) from being able to see into the future. If we had such power, how could we get up and face the painful upheavals life often puts in our path? Surely it’s a blessing that we aren’t aware of the last time we’ll see someone in this life, the last happy day we’ll spend in a favorite place or the last special occasion we’ll share with people we love most.

The pain of such awareness would surely be too great.

Instead life blindsides us — just when we think things are going well, when we’ve got everything under control, the rug gets yanked out from under us and we’re left flat on our backs. Stunned and reeling. Seeing that you’re down and pretty much helpless, life inevitably hits you with another good kick, sometimes two, to be sure you know your place, know who’s in charge.

It’s not you.

At least, you have no say in what life hands you; but as my Mom told me at a pivotal point in my life, you can control how you handle it.

So maybe you refuse to turn into a simpering, helpless ninny and pride comes to the rescue. Pride is hard, unyielding and enduring. There are so very many examples of this kind of strength… quiet and dignified and refusing to be beaten. It gets no glory but isn’t looking for any either.

Some people react with anger at what life hands them… and that rage drives them forward into the challenges of the days to come. Anger is natural, expected, though it seems that sometimes it’s easier to be angry than bereft. Anger burns hot, burns fast and lends a certain strength that seems most necessary when making it through a crisis.

Some bury the pain that comes from life’s upheavals deep down, creating an impassive face for the rest of the world, pretending life has not dealt them a mean blow, that what’s happened doesn’t tear them apart and leave them battered. Uncaring and indifferent they go forward with a brave show that fools most people, but not all.

Still others, truly the best among us, turn to their faith in dark times. They see the wreckage life’s whims has brought to their world as the workings of a grander, better plan, though not one we understand. They have faith in something pure and good. They count their own pain as nothing compared to the greater suffering that has come before.

I’d like to be among that group, but too often I fall into one the others. How about you all?


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