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September 24, 2013

So Often In Life, Timing Is Everything

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In working with my daughter to submit her college applications, I started thinking about timing… how important it is in so many areas of life. Strange how something so often out of our control can have such an influence.

In fact, timing really is everything in many instances…

Meeting your ideal mate — a few months before and he/she or you were not “ready” in some way to meet the right one. It’s only when you’re both in the right place that you meet the “right” one.

Landing that perfect job — too soon and you don’t appreciate how great it is; too late and you’re so burned out and bitter you don’t care and can take no pleasure in the good things that have come your way.

Getting your chance — this is the most changeable of everything on this list. It may be the best you can do is put yourself in the most places to be “found” as you can manage, always give your best effort and accept the consequences with grace.

Having children — there is an ideal time when both a woman and a man are mentally, physically and emotionally ready to raise children; too soon ruins everyone’s life, too late robs the child of a young, thriving parental pair, perhaps siblings. And if you decide not to bear children, your choice should be applauded and supported, not questioned — you’re smart enough to know yourself, and this needs to be respected.

Selling your home — we’ve never mastered this, but buying and selling property with the market — sell at the high, buy at the low — has a lot to do with timing. In this case if you’re smart you research and learn all you can about the trends, but sometimes it’s impossible for you to take advantage of a great deal or sell the house you live in at the right time.

Where you can travel — the world is changing so fast, today there are places where it’s not as safe for American’s to visit as it once might have been. Some travelers were lucky enough to take trips to these fabulous locations at the right time, future travelers may well get the chance again… only time will tell.

When you retire — too soon and you have the worry about your money lasting long enough; too late and money can’t buy back the time you’ve wasted working.

What would you add to the list? I’m sure I’ve missed a few…


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