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September 10, 2013

Syria: Should We Or Shouldn’t We?

Filed under: Blogging,Life — Susan Morgan @ 11:47 am

It’s the question all over talk radio and the kitchen table, social media and the Sunday shows. Should the U.S. take military action against the government of Syria for possibly using chemical weapons on its own people? There’s a new wrinkle to the situation created by the Russian proposal for Syria to turn over its chemical weapons to international control… whatever that means.

Everyone’s got an opinion on this but no one has an answer. In truth, it’s hard to know whose side to be on… of if there is a side. I got up to speed quickly with this explanation from ABC news, but you can goggle “Syrian civil war” and find plenty of information… more than you want probably.

My heart goes out to the innocents here — hungry and uncertain and hoping for better. War is no kind of life, no kind of future. What pain those parents must feel for their children. How terrible it must be to lose home, life and peace of mind — to wake to the hard, horrible realities of death and destruction, to live in a state of siege without hope of rescue. I cannot imagine worse, and yet, simply by accident of birth I live in comfortable abundance, safe and secure while others no less deserving than I, exist and wait for what comes next.

For their sakes, I hope this conflict ends soon.

The sad truth is, there’s been fighting in this part of the world for thousands of years, hatreds run deep, are passed from parent to child. It seems like the geography itself breeds hatred and conflict. It’s hard to imagine anything we, a fading, over-extended superpower, can do to put a stop to that. I’m thinking we need to let the Syrian people handle things and keep our boys at home. We can leave it to the wisdom and will of Allah to sort things out.

Sad and sick as it is, it’s just not our business.

It seems lots of people agree, though our leadership is still talking about crossed lines and the use of forbidden chemical weapons, determined to push ahead. Military options are being drawn up as you read this. No doubt we’ll start hearing lofty words about the world community’s responsibility to protect helpless people when their own government can’t (or won’t) do so. That’s a fine, high ideal — strange that it’s applied most zealously in parts of the world where there’s something of value.

Of course once the reports of faulty intelligence (remember those weapons of mass destruction?) or the grisly pictures of dead civilians surface all the posturing will stop, the media will turn its attention to something else. Unfortunately, by then it will be too late, we’ll have already tossed a flaming torch on a tinderbox of insanity, misery and rabid hatred. God help us then.

While I’m no politician, or financier for that matter, I really don’t see why the U.S. gives foreign aid to nations in the MIddle East, except Israel of course. Why do we send people who hate us (Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and Pakistan, that’s you) millions? I’m for putting that $50 billion in foreign aid to work in our country, in our own backyard. There’s plenty to do. Fixing our infrastructure. Building that border wall. An early warning system for incoming asteroids might be useful.

Maybe finding that new source of energy that makes the MIddle East, and what happens there, irrelevant.


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