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August 25, 2013

If More Of Us Thought Like This…

Filed under: Blogging,Life,Musings,Writing — Susan Morgan @ 1:15 pm

Came across this a while back and thought just how appropriate these words are, so many thousands of years after they were spoken. Pure genius.

These days everyone’s so caught up in convincing the other side (no matter what the issue) of the merits of a cause that there’s no time for contemplation or consideration. Polls must be taken, results delivered before anyone gets bored.

It’s a mark of the times perhaps, in a world where technology has sped everything up, that there’s little time given to considering the opposing view. We want things resolved quickly so we can move on. If ever there was an example of this it’s those Sunday morning talking head shows where opponents talk (shout) over each other and pick apart the most innocuous statement, diverting attention from debate for just long enough to reach the commercial break.

My Dad loves these programs, but for me, they just raise my blood pressure a few too many notches. It’s hard to see how these programs encourage rational debate or real discussion of an issue — nobody ever gets to make (or finish) a point which makes becoming informed a tad difficult. And, as we’ve learned to our dismay, appearances on these programs can be an active source of dis-information supplied by our government.

And yet, each Sunday, people watch… so these programs must be doing something right. It’s just a shame that more of this über technical, ultra modern world of ours weren’t as educated as Aristotle had hoped.


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