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June 4, 2013

In A Crazy Busy World, Make Time To Listen To Your Inner Voice

Filed under: Writing — Susan Morgan @ 11:20 am

Most people would say it’s hard to recognize divine guidance (some call it intuition, instinct, awareness) when it comes. Why? Our modern, tech-loving world is a pretty busy place. Even though we don’t grow our own food, make our own clothing, build our own shelter, tend our own sick;we don’t seem to have time for anything. Certainly not to listen to the soft but insistent inner voice that speaks gently but insistently in your head at the end of the day.

But if you manage to turn down the other noise and listen, it could save your life. Literally.

Truth is, we all get caught up in having to be places, to manage obligations — some we take on willingly, others  the circumstances of life thrust upon us. In either case, they keep us rushing from one thing to the next… always ten minutes behind. That’s just how it is today. The sad thing is that none of us give our own selves even a quarter of the time we give all those other things.

So hearing that inner voice is a lot tougher than it should be.

These voices rarely shout, more often they’re quiet, firm and insistent, repeating thoughts that you can’t put aside, things you might not want to hear, but really need to. When you’re in the shower, folding laundry, before you fall asleep, as you’re driving… the voice will speak up, speak out, giving you  the chance to hear an always-in-your-corner bit of wisdom.

If you don’t listen, that inner guidance seems to become more resourceful. You find yourself, unexpectedly to be sure, in situations that bring the message up again, in a way that’s harder to ignore or cast aside. Ignoring the message you need to hear takes work, lots of it.

Rest assured that even if you refuse to listen, your inner voice will not stay silent… it’ll keep on pushing the message you need forward until you hear and take action.

Only after you act on the message, when you’ve addressed what the inner voice has been telling you to do will you get any peace. You’ll find that you’re filled with a sense of accomplishment, of falling in line with what’s intended that’s impossible to explain. And hard to ignore.

You’ll just “know” you’re doing the right thing, there will be no excuses, your fears will seem small, you’ll be resolved and blind to hardship. And looking back, you’ll realize the guidance you got and be grateful that you listened.


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