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April 26, 2013

What You Learn In Waiting Rooms

Filed under: Daily Life,Life,Musings,Writing — Susan Morgan @ 12:47 pm

If you’re lucky, you won’t have to spend too much time in doctor’s office waiting rooms. If you’re not… rather than flipping through much handled magazines or checking your watch time and time again, people watching is a great way to pass the time.

Watching (covertly of course) those around you supplies a wealth of great material that teaches some pretty valuable lessons.

  1. No matter how badly off you think you are, there is always, always someone who is worse off than you. Doubt me, look around and you’re sure to find someone courageously fighting on.
  2. Cell phones, marvels of technology though they  be, have at the same time destroyed any sense of propriety or desire for privacy. You can’t help but overhear, whether you want to or not, and most often the person on your side does not seem to know, or care.
  3. The more ways there are to entertain you (TV, video games, toy castles, magazines) as you shift in your uncomfortable chair, the more likely the office routinely “runs behind”. You’ll have time, more than you’d like, to consider the color choices on walls and carpet, the furnishing and paintings on the wall.
  4. Even if you don’t have any place else to be, being made to feel like your time is of no value compared to someone more educated and impressed with themselves than you is never good. A professional who treats you this way should be avoided.
  5. Good health is a blessing that not appreciated by the healthy until an illness strikes them or their family. Then your life becomes about  tests and reports, drugs and experimental treatments, side effects and suffering.

I’m sure I could add to the list, given time. But in truth I’m hoping not to have to spend so much time in waiting rooms going forward. And if God is very, very good, it might just be so.


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