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April 21, 2013

Beyond Boston: More Everyday Heroes

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This has been a bad week, no question about it.

It began with the terribly destructive attacks on the Boston Marathon, and continued with a horrific fire and blast at a West, Texas fertilizer plant on Wednesday. As if these two disasters aren’t enough, there are reports of ricin tainted letters being sent to the President and others in Washington.

These are not easy days.

And yet, through all the awful news, we continue to have more stories of everyday heroism — volunteer firefighters who jumped into action in West, Texas, the scene of what appears to be a devastating industrial accident that brought incredible loss of life as well as the utter destruction of homes and businesses. The efforts of these ordinary citizens was enough to get the situation largely under control, though 3 or 4 volunteer firefighters are among the missing as of yesterday.

The story shows us that the same selfless spirit of running toward danger to save others is alive and well all across this great country.

These are the real heroes — not the über cool musicians, the pampered athletes, the talented though eccentric actors and the many determined fame seekers who so often have our attention. It’s hard not to look… to be amused or distracted by what sometimes passes for entertainment or news reporting in this nation. Just so long as you remember who the real heroes are.

Our military. First responders. Volunteer firefighters, EMTs, nurses, doctors and paramedics. And ordinary people… people just like you and me who have the will to help and just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

It’s to these everyday men and women, seeking no fame or reward,  that kids should look up to, that we all should try to be like.

For my part, in all this awful week, the continuing stories of ordinary heroics are restoring my belief that there IS good in this world… lots of it. You just have to open your eyes, look past the antics of the fame obsessed and the minutia fed to you by the mainstream media, and look for it.


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