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April 7, 2013

Just Because You CAN Doesn’t Mean You SHOULD

Filed under: Thoughts,Writing — Susan Morgan @ 10:45 am

Yes it’s an absurd image, but it makes the point.

It’s hard to believe that a mere forty years has passed since that first cell phone. And in that time they’ve come to be an essential that you can’t leave the house without, a handheld device that makes calls, takes pictures and connects you to an online world that is as much an ally as it is enemy.

Don’t get me wrong… I love the GPS on my phone. I admit to a mild Pinterest addiction and an established Twitter habit. There are apps I use regularly. I have a professional LInkedIn profile and blogs here of course. It’s true that technology has given us amazing tools, things no one could even imagine when I started my professional life, but the tools come with a danger. A danger that’s easy to overlook.

Because none of us (myself included) truly understand what rights we’re signing away when we click ACCEPT to those Terms and Conditions. Of course these documents are designed to be unreadable, and the ACCEPT button is already highlighted for us… making it all too easy. So we sign our rights away and set up profiles and pages, gleefully uploading and sharing, all the time with a mistaken expectation of privacy and a believe that all eyes who see what we post will be good eyes.

Technology has made it easy to share our inner thoughts, our every move. But should we? Saying the wrong thing, posting the wrong picture can have serious consequences. Sharing your likes, your tastes in TV programs and music seem harmless enough, but just who sees this information and how do they use it? And more importantly, what does it reveal about you that you weren’t aware you were sharing?

I’ve always operated under the assumption that…

If you wouldn’t say it, out loud,
to your grandmother at the Thanksgiving table,
DON’T post it.

If you wouldn’t want it read aloud,
in a courtroom, DON’T put it online.


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