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March 29, 2013

If THIS Isn’t A Slap In The Face, I Don’t Know What Is

Filed under: Advertising and Promos,Life,Writing — Susan Morgan @ 11:22 am

Now that Tiger Woods has strung together a few victories, the sponsors are making their way back… as quick to return as they were to dump him in the midst of scandal. All is forgiven… and I’m all for forgiveness, but the headline on this latest Nike ad is just too much. A slap in the face to all of us.

In fact, every time I look at it, I get mad all over again.

Well isn’t that just lovely. And no, no it doesn’t.

None of the facts of Tiger’s behavior have changed. The only thing that changed was he managed to play a rich man’s game (with all respect to golf lovers) better than everyone else on a few particular days. He’s certainly nothing most women would want for a husband.

This ad, with its insulting headline, is another example of what is WRONG with our society today. Winning supposedly wipes the slate clean, makes us forget (or at least ignore) boorish, ignorant, unacceptable behavior that we’d never tolerate from those in our own lives. Winning gives you a pass. Just as quickly as people damned him there are those who cheer his victory — sponsors, as you see, lose no time in following suit.

You doubt it? Remember that Michael Vick continues to play football and make money from endorsements even after his animal cruelty conviction. Winning does appear to take care of everthing, right Tiger?

Meanwhile those (first responders, soldiers, healthcare workers) in this world who are the real heroes go unrecognized. They win in ways that really matter every single day. No one gives them a second thought (or a pass)… we just expect them to keep on doing as they’ve always done. The miracle is that they do it… they don’t want accolades or fame.

Which is even more reason to admire them, but it also calls on us to bestow our approval on those who truly deserve it rather than those who win at what they’re good at, expecting everyone to forget the rest.

I won’t forget.


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