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March 18, 2013

Why Cats Are The Ultimate Companion

Filed under: Daily Life,Family — Susan Morgan @ 11:55 am

It’s hard to beat a cat in terms of companionship. Now I know my dog loving friends will howl in protest, but much as I love them, dogs are just not on the same level. The distinction? Cats CHOOSE to be with you.


And they make sure you know it, as my little Winston is doing here. There are many other spots, some in the same room and a far better fit, but he doesn’t want any of those. He wants to be close, where I can’t help but see him, can’t help but know he’s there.

It’s such an obvious, natural expression of love that it brings a smile to my face and a warm glow to my own heart.

To know something loves you like that is a wondrous thing, and much-needed these days.

Please don’t misunderstand — I have a lovable, wonderful yellow lab in my life. When she rests her head against my foot, or wags her tail with excitement when she sees me I can feel her love. It’s very special, warm and wonderful, but for me at least, not the same. Dogs do not discriminate, they love those who love them.

I admit I was not much of a “dog” person until I met my Bailey… though now I can’t imagine our home, our family without her. She makes me feel protected, though more often than not, she’s warning us about the arrival of the oil man. And though I love when she sits in the same room with me, stretched out at my feet in a warm sunspot on the rug, it’s not quite the same as when our not so new anymore kitten climbs up on my desk and settles in the paper tray, getting as close as he possibly can to where I’m working.

A cat’s heart must be won you see, with countless kindnesses and a respect for the independent spirit naturally part of the animal. With soft words and a willingness to let the cat control the relationship, with patience and understanding it can be done. You earn a cat’s loyalty and you have it forever. Once won, that cat will follow you to the ends of the earth and back.

A cat chooses to sit at your side, and maybe it’s the choice I’m feeling each time my Winston climbs up and settles himself in. whatever it is, the companionship can’t be beat.


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