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March 15, 2013

Smart Phones + Waiting Catholics = Lighting The Darkness

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This is the most amazing picture… I can’t stop looking at it. How fascinating is the change in a little over 8 years. Both photos were taken by NBC News and are of St. Peter’s Square crowds waiting for the appearance of the newly elected Pope.

The top picture is from April 2005, the bottom from March 2013. 13 - 1

The only cell phone (lower right corner) in the 2005 photo is a flip phone… a virtual dinosaur today. As the photo shows, cell phones are everywhere… recent estimates have the number at 6.9 billion cell phones in use the world over, up from 2 billion in 2005.

Setting the incredible advance of technology in our lives aside, take another look at that picture. The light in so many hands throughout the crowd waiting in the rain keeps putting a smile on my face. There’s something unexpectedly, irreverently hopeful about all that light.

It’s a good start.

The press is already calling him “No Frills Francis, The People’s Pope”. He’s hardly been Pope for a full day and already there are many firsts. First Jesuit. He’s the first non-European to be Pope in 1,000 years. First to take the name Francis, a beloved Italian saint who’s known for peace, poverty and living a simple lifestyle.

That might be a bit harder to manage in the Vatican than it was in Buenos Aires.

But then, there’s this, St. Francis was called by God to restore a church in ruins, and if the Catholic church of today isn’t in ruins, it soon will be if something doesn’t change.

Only time will tell…


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