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November 18, 2010

My 20 Questions For God

Filed under: Blogging,Musings,Spirituality,Thoughts,Writing — Susan Morgan @ 5:26 pm

Hold on tight, here’s a glimpse into a writer’s mind.

Assuming that you believe in a higher power… if you were ever given the chance to have a sit down with the Almighty (or whatever name you prefer), an undisturbed bit of time that you might use in any way you wanted, what would you do?

The answers are probably as different as the people reading this. Being the nosy Nellie that I am, I’d be asking questions. Only when I started writing them down as I waited for my flu shot a few weeks back, did I find I came up with twenty… at least to start.

Here they are in no particular order of priority:

  1. why do good people suffer?
  2. why is there evil?
  3. why does evil seem to flourish?
  4. why did you make this world?
  5. what happens when we die?
  6. why do the good die young?
  7. what if we don’t believe in you?
  8. do you always hear our prayers?
  9. can sin really be forgiven?
  10. why do different religions fight?
  11. are you sorry you made us?
  12. is suicide/assisted suicide/abortion a sin?
  13. what’s one thing we can do to make you happy?
  14. why are churches needed?
  15. is the world in trouble?
  16. can we change our fate along the way?
  17. does everything have a purpose?
  18. do animals have souls?
  19. are there angels/demons/ghosts?
  20. do people who purposely hurt others pay for their crimes?

So what did I forget? These are only the general life questions I’m curious about… I’d have a slew more about history and figures of the past.


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