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October 4, 2010

A Golden Anniversary Toast…

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Earlier this month I had the honor, along with my brother, to give a toast at our parent’s 50th anniversary party. It was a wonderful night with friends and family and lots of laughs.

I’m reposting the text of the toast here, in case my parents would like to read it in a moment of leisure. Of course anyone who finds themselves in need of an anniversary toast for a unique couple who’ve stood the test of time, feel free to copy and adapt to your needs.

So here it is…

Hello everyone, we wanted to take a minute to thank you all for joining us tonight to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of our Mom and Dad.

It’s true, 50 years ago today Carol Ann Cronan was the bride of Frank Donlan at St. Francis de Sales church in Charlestown. On that day, they promised to love, honor and cherish each other, and they certainly have done that over the years.

When we were growing up we used to hear a lot of stories from when our parents were first married. One of our favorites was about how Dad decided that Mom really needed to learn to drive now that they lived in the wilds of Billerica.

She was a city girl, in a time when you didn’t get a license at 16. No one she knew had a license, and she was none too keen on the idea. But he insisted. He was brave, or crazy, enough to think he was the one to teach her. And she loved him enough to let him.

That first driving lesson barely lasted an afternoon before it was agreed that driving school was the way to go. You see our Dad knew Mom would be better off once she had that license. And she was.

He’s always wanted the best for her. Once we got older and didn’t need her at home so much anymore, it was our Dad who encouraged her to break out again. To go to college and get a degree in nursing. He knew she’d be better off with an education and a career. And she was.

Anyone who knows our Mom knows the place our Dad has in her heart. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for him. Whether it’s supporting his own career or keeping him faithfully on the treadmill and watching his cholesterol, she’s always focused on what’s best for him. She’s encouraged him to pursue his interest in art. She’s the first to agree to a trip to the Apple store for some new gadget he has to have for his home office.

And she’s more than willing to be his traveling companion now that he has time to see all the places he’s always wanted to go.

Of course there have been some hard times along the way. But no matter how tough, how scary things got, Mom and Dad faced what came together, and came through it together. Today they can look back on 50 years and be very proud of all they’ve accomplished, and the incredible journey we’ve all been lucky enough to share with them.

As a tribute to our Mom and Dad, and this special day, we’ve put together a video that captures all the best of the last 50 years. All the fun and family and friends. Lots of precious memories. And lots of love.

Let’s have a look, and at the end drink a toast to our anniversary couple… Congratulations Mom and Dad on 50 wonderful years together. Cheers.


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