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September 17, 2010

It’s Time For The Peaceful Majority To Stand Up, Be Counted, Be Heard.

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One of my Dad’s favorite sayings is, “Even a blind pig (some say squirrel) can find an acorn once in a while.” Here’s a perfect example of just what that bit of parental wisdom means… a spam email that hits on the truth… and hits it hard.

The email is said to be the work of Dr. Emanuel Tanay, a psychiatrist of some standing and respect and is titled A Germans View on Islam. In case you have yet to see it, the essay makes the point that pre WWII, the majority of German people viewed the Natzis as “fools” and without knowing it, stood aside while the fools took over everything. By the time the population realized… it was too late and the end had come.

The reader is encouraged to make the comparison to today’s Muslim, the “religion of peace” as we’re often told. And while many people (myself included) agree that the vast majority of Muslims want to exist in peace, we also must recognize that there are fanatics, a vocal and determined minority, who have taken over positions where they speak for the silent, peace-loving, majority.

They’re the ones burning flags and chanting the anit-American slogans, raising suicide bombers and refusing to be dragged into the 21st century even if life would be better for them. They don’t care… they simply want to murder… to maim anyone who is different.

Ignoring them, belittling them, pacifying them will not make them go away.

As the essay points out, loving peace means nothing if you don’t speak out against the positions and behavior of the fanatical few. If we go by the lesson of history (harsh as they are), all those peace loving Muslims will wake up one day and find themselves in the midst of the end of everything. The lessons of Communist Russia, China and mot recently Rwanda, prove that the silent, peace loving, majority soon become the victims of the fanatical few.

While a quick check online reveals the powerful essay is really the work of Canadian Paul E. Marek — a blog post from early March 2006 titled Why the Peaceful Majority is Irrelevant it hardly matters. The acorn here is the message… the time for being passive… accepting what we’re told and gong on about our lives is over.

It has been for a long time, only now perhaps the silent, peace-loving majority, is finally ready to listen. To act.


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